Nitinol Strip & Nitinol Foil

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Nitinol formula is NiTi. by its shape memory and superelastic characteristics, Nitinol is a nickel-titanium alloy distinguished from other has excellent properties, including kink resistance, biocompatibility and elasticity. the elements it’s composed of—nickel (Ni) and titanium (Ti), Nitinol is a trade name taken from it. nitinol contains these two elements at approximately equal atomic percentages.because of this the nickel content of this alloy has raised great concerns about its usefulness in the medical industry.

Nitinol Strip & Nitinol Foil is a fabricating product of Nitinol Alloy. Nitinol is well known for its thermo-mechanical properties of superelasticity and shape memory effect. Shape memory refers to the ability of Nitinol to undergo deformation at one temperature and then recover its original, under formed shape upon heating above its transformation temperature. Super elasticity occurs at a narrow temperature range just above its transformation temperature; in this case, no heating is necessary to cause the under formed shape to recover, and the material exhibits enormous elasticity, some 10-30 times that of ordinary metal.

Nitinol Strip & Nitinol Foil

Dimension: Thickness ≥ 0.05 mm, Width ≤ 200 mm
Alloys: Superelastic and Shape Memory available.
Temperature Range ( Af ): – 20 ~ 100 deg. C
Surface: Natural Oxide, Pickled/Etched and Customer Specific Requirements
Thermomechanical Conditions: As Cold-Worked, Straight Strain Annealed and Shape Set Annealed.

Component wt %
Nickel 54,50-57,00
Cobalt max. 0,050
Iron max. 0,050
Carbon max. 0,050
Niobium max. 0,025
Copper max. 0,010
Chromium max. 0,010
Oxygen + Nitrogen max. 0,050
Hydrogen max. 0,005
Titanium balance


(1)Shape memory characteristics;
(2) Super elastic;
(3) sensitivity to temperature changes in the oral cavity;
(4) Corrosion resistance;
(5) Anti-toxicity;
(6) Soft correction power;
(7) Good shock absorption characteristics.


  • Nitinol Strip & Nitinol Foil are used in cell-phone technology as a retractable antenna, or a microphone boom, due to its highly flexible and mechanical memory nature.
  • Nitinol Strip & Nitinol Foil are also used in some novelty products, such as self-bending spoons which can be used by amateur and stage magicians to demonstrate “psychic” powers or as a practical joke, as the spoon will bend itself when used to stir tea, coffee, or any other warm liquid.
  • Demonstration model heat engines have been built which use Nitinol Wire to produce mechanical energy from hot and cold heat sources.
  • Nitinol Strips & Nitinol Foils are highly biocompatible and has properties suitable for use in orthopedic implants. Due to Nitinol’s unique properties, Nitinol Strip/Nitinol Foil has seen a large demand for use in less invasive medical devices

Current commercially available Nitinol forms include: sheet, tube, wire and ribbon, and components fabricated from each product form.

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