The Application of Titanium Pipes in Coastal Power Plants Condenser

The coastal thermal power plants and nuclear power plants are used as coolant in seawater, so the condenser is the most useful
for the thin-walled industrial pure titanium welded pipe, which is one of the key equipment of the power station. The advantages
of titanium condenser are as follows: the corrosion of seawater and ammonia. The ammonia in seawater and steam has a strong
corrosion resistance and long service life, which can be more than 20 years, more than 1 times longer than brass tube and
copper - nickel alloy tube.
The flow rate of cooling water can be improved. Titanium tube surface will not scale, there would be no mud, corrosion, accumulate
and can improve the flow of water, copper - nickel pipe flow speed 1.8 m/s ~ 2.1 m/s, and the titanium tube flow velocity of 2.7 m/s,
thus cooling area can be reduced by 30%.
In the case of non-titanium condenser, it is necessary to set up leakproof equipment to prevent leakage of pipeline at any time, and
the operation of titanium condenser is safe and reliable
Titanium Pipes has high heat exchange characteristics. Titanium has excellent corrosion resistance, so the titanium tube wall is much
thinner than copper alloy. Although the thermal conductivity of titanium is lower than copper, its heat exchange capacity is 3%~5%
higher than copper.
Save the pump power. For the outer diameter of the tube, the diameter of the titanium tube is larger than that of the copper alloy
tube due to the thickness of the titanium tube wall, so the power of the pump can be saved.
China's development of the condenser titanium tube began in 1978. In 1981, it was decided to adopt the all-titanium condenser with
domestic seamless titanium control. In August 1983, China's first seamless titanium condenser was put into operation on unit 2 of 125
MW power plant in Taizhou power plant, which was in good working condition and passed technical identification in 1985. At the
moment, China's thermal power plants and nuclear power plants, which are built on the coast to use seawater as coolant, are used to
weld titanium tubes.
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