Titanium sponge demand exceeds supply and price keep increasing!

In the early of August, the price of titanium sponge has exceeded 64,000 RMB/ton, and the highest quotation has reached 66,000 RMB /ton.

The main reasons for the price recovery of sponge titanium:

 The application field is gradually expanded, and the growth in the market demand situation; 

The upstream and downstream of the continuous destocking effect,

The market sponge titanium near zero inventory situation; 

Environmental pressure is increasing,

Titanium tetrachloride has become the raw material bottleneck of titanium sponge enterprises.


Market analysis, prices should be in the existing more than 66000-67000 RMB /ton on the basis of a certain rise.


Due to the rising price of titanium sponge, our production cost has increased, so we have to start to increase the price of titanium products. According to the detailed product situation, the increase is about 5-10%, The current price  is subject to the inquiry of the day. 

Thanks for your understanding and support.

Xi'an Ocean Trading Co., Ltd.