Large diameter Titanium Seamless Tube& Pipe for marine use


  Because metal pipes need to be used in complex and harsh marine environments (strong corrosion, typhoon, strong convection, high temperature, high pressure, bio-adhesion), their corrosion resistance has extremely high requirements. Ttitanium and titanium  Seamless Tube&Pipe has the high tenacity, non-magnetic, low density and excellent corrosion resistance and other unique advantages, become the most ideal material in Marine equipment.
  At present, the domestic ship equipment mainly includes: titanium submarine main condenser, titanium alloy torpedo launch tank, nuclear power pressurized water reactor primary circuit system critical cooler, sonar flow guide, titanium alloy propeller, diesel engine exhaust pipeline and sea pipeline system, related pipelines and pump and valve system, deep submersible pressure shell and auxiliary system. The typical specifications of seawater pipelines are: φ308x4mm, φ285x5mm; the main seawater piping system of the ship: φ12.7~304.8mm. In Gr1, Gr2, Gr3,Gr5, Gr7, Gr9, Gr12, Gr29 Standard: ASTM/AMS
Due to the low density, corrosion resistance and high strength of titanium and Titanium Seamless Tube&Pipe, the weight of the equipment can be greatly reduced.Therefore,  although from the unit price, titanium and titanium alloy will be more expensive, but after the overall weight of the equipment, titanium and titanium alloy one-time investment will not be higher than other materials, or even lower than other materials. Titanium Seamless Tube&Pipe have great application prospects. With the maturity and popularization of high-efficiency, short-flow and low-cost production technology, many fields of copper and copper alloy tubes can be replaced by titanium and titanium alloy tubes.
 (1) In terms of shipbuilding, Titanium Seamless Tube&Pipe for ships and large oil tankers are important areas for the application of copper alloy tubes. The copper alloy tubes for ships mainly include BFe30-1-1, BFe10-1-1 white copper tubes and HAl77-2 aluminum brass tubes. Since the medium in contact with sea is mostly seawater, the pipe is required to have excellent seawater corrosion resistance, high mechanical properties and process performance. The offshore engineering heat exchange device uses copper and copper alloy tubes, such as other Marine heat exchanger mainly includes: diesel engine and generator and other auxiliary systems such as oil cooler, water cooler and feed water heater heat transfer pipe, this kind of product specifications vary.
 (2) The construction of offshore engineering and large-tonnage ships requires the use of tubes with higher precision and larger diameter corrosion-resistant piping devices to increase the amount of primary transmission and displacement. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure high sealing performance of pipeline assembly with high dimensional accuracy. It is understood that the maximum diameter of seamless white copper drainage pipes such as large-caliber marine and oil production platforms in Germany, South Korea and other countries has reached φ520mm or more bigger sizes .
As the development of Technology,More and More Titanium Seamless Tube&Pipe will used in more areas of Marine Industry. 

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