NbTi superconducting rod sample successfully finished production

With the promotion of superconducting technology in the Electronics industry and Medical equipment, more and more technology institutions and equipment manufacturers are beginning to use  Niobium tubes,Niobium wires,Niobium Rods and NbTi Rods and Bars
Nb47%Ti53 rods and seamless tube widely used in Superconducting equipment and lab testting equipment.
Entrusted by Stockholm University of Sweden, we have recently produced a batch of Niobium-Titanium superconducting rods and tubes.
Dia30*500       100pcs
Dia25.4*500     100pcs
Dia38.1*500     100pcs
 NbTi Seamless Pipe(Nb 45-47%,Ti 52-54%
Ø2.5 x t 0.25 x 1000mm         1000pcs
Ø1.10 x t 0.1 x 1000mm         1000pcs
The samples currently tested have been produced and will be sent to the customer for acceptance next week. After this work, Xian Ocean Trading  will greatly improve the supply capacity of our company in the field of superconducting applications.