Xian Ocean Trading & US medical companies reached a cooperation agreement on medical Titanium Foil 0.1*250*L

Titanium foil :means titanium sheets/titanium strip,the thickness 0.002~1.0mm ,called Titanium Foil


It is main specification :ASTM B265  and ASTM F67  /ASTM F136 for medical application.


CP titanium foil/sheet has good bio-compatibility, can effectively prevent the displacement of tautologous bone graft and fibrous connective tissue, and has good shape ability and can maintain a large space for bone regeneration.


Currently widely used in surgical implants, bone repair and oral treatment, the majority of patients favor.


Our US partner is an FDA certified professional in  bone regeneration for small bone defects in surgical.


We will provide GR1, GR2, GR4 Foil, for customers Inspection  and provide the best titanium material solution for customers' new product development.


The development of the North American market will be the focus of our 2019 non-ferrous metal market expansion.

Xi'an Ocean Trading Co., Ltd.