China's 094A strategic nuclear submarine has been made of super-strength titanium alloy with depth of over 500 meters

The latest two 094A nuclear submarines are suspected to appear,can dive up to 600 meters using titanium alloy.
Titanium alloy material is common material used in nuclear submarines. Whether it is Chinese nuclear submarines or American and Russian nuclear submarines, a large number of titanium alloy materials are used in the construction of their own submarines. The proportion of titanium alloy materials used in each country is also quite different. For example, Russian nuclear submarines like to use a large number of titanium alloy materials, and the U.S. nuclear submarines use titanium alloy materials relatively low-key. However, Russia, the United States, France, Britain and even China are all keen on this high-performance but expensive material. Titanium alloy for China's nuclear submarines huge advantages, especially in the use of titanium alloy material has made great achievements.
China has abundant titanium alloy resources and the largest titanium iron ore reserves in the world. However, the appropriate use of titanium alloy in nuclear submarines will greatly improve the hardware performance of China's nuclear submarines. Titanium alloy material after processing needs to slowly cool, that is, natural cooling. This process takes 5-6 times longer than ordinary steel, and requires an immediate inspection of the weld contacts during the welding process. Titanium alloy processing so hard, why do we have to use it? Apart from leading the world in nuclear submarine technology, what we have seen is that titanium alloy material is enough to guarantee that Chinese nuclear submarines 093B and 094A can dive 600 meters under water, deep diving in the ocean.
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