Difference between titanium screws and traditional screws and common specifications of titanium screws

Titanium screw

Product: Titanium screws, titanium bolts, titanium nuts, titanium screws

Material: Gr1, Gr2, Gr5

Specifications: M4 ~ M25 × L

Standard: DIN ISO


Titanium screws - classification

1.Titanium screws: round head screws, self-tapping screws, hexagonal screws, countersunk screws,slotted screws, square head screws, double head screws, non-standard screws, fastening screws, standard screws, flat head screws


2. Titanium bolts: hexagon bolts, square neck bolts, semicircle head bolts, countersunk head bolts, carriage bolts, gasket bolts, various kinds of instrument lathe bolts, special-shaped non-standard bolts USES: electroplating, aluminum oxidation (anode decomposition), chemical industry, watch industry, medicine, breeding, electronic hardware, plastic and other industries.


3.Titanium nuts: hexagon nuts, self-locking nuts, ring nuts, knurled nuts, slotted nuts, hexagon nuts for precision machinery, special type of non-standard nuts


Titanium screws - the difference between titanium screws and conventional screws


Titanium screws and general stainless steel, iron, copper screws are the same, but the material is titanium material, general titanium material is pure titanium GR2 and titanium alloy GR5 material. Titanium screws are relatively expensive raw materials, made very beautiful, it seems that the arts and crafts, titanium acid and alkali corrosion resistance, so the general price of titanium screws is relatively high.


As the raw material of titanium screws, titanium is a highly active metal. Compared with traditional stainless steel, titanium screws have better flexibility and oxidation resistance. It is more widely used in various industries. Compared with titanium screws, ordinary stainless steel screws have stronger compressive strength under high pressure environment. Therefore, titanium alloy is always selected as the connecting part in aerospace metal manufacturing.


Application of titanium fasteners

Titanium screws are indispensable industrial essentials in daily life: extremely small screws such as glasses and electronics; general screws for televisions, electrical products, etc.; traffic appliances, airplanes, automobiles, etc.


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