Characteristics of titanium alloys used in petroleum industry

1.Lower density can significantly reduce string load, especially in ultra-deep oil Wells.


2.Higher strength includes: tensile strength, creep strength, fatigue strength, etc


3.Excellent corrosion resistance and seawater corrosion resistance


4. Wide temperature range, the use of normal titanium alloy using temperature from 269 ℃ to 600 ℃ above freezing.


5. Large elastic deformation capacity, high yield strength of titanium alloy and low elastic modulus (E), so it is very suitable for springs and other parts, more importantly, it is suitable for large displacement horizontal Wells.


6.Low expansion coefficient, which makes oil equipment more adaptable to changes in temperature and reduces the internal stress of structural parts.


7. Non-magnetic, suitable for normal use of some detection, communication and control means in various equipment.


8. Better processing performance, titanium alloy usually has good casting, forging, welding, 3D printing and other process performance, which is often a variety of engineering material selection process can win the important factor.