Common specifications and application of industrial GR1/GR2 titanium sheets/plates

1. Grade:

Pure titanium: GR1, GR2

Titanium alloys: GR5, GR12. Ti-15333


2. Specifications:

T 0.5-1.0mm x W1000mm x L 2000-4000mm

T 1.0-5.0mm x w1000-1500mm x L 2000-3500mm

T 5.0-30mm x w1000-2500mm x L 3000,000-6000mm

T 30-80mm x W1000mm x L 2000mm


3. Surface:


Pickling surface, bright surface, sandblasting surface.


4. Application:


Petrochemicals, pressure vessels, electroplating equipment and apparatus, medical treatment, sporting goods, titanium spectacle frame (Ti-15333), titanium watch (GR5/GR2).


For example, it is rolled and welded into the cylinder (shell) of pressure vessel by the rolling equipment, and pulled and made titanium mesh plate by the drawing equipment, which is used for making titanium mesh basket commonly used in the electroplating industry.


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