Surface treatment method for titanium screws

Titanium screws are silver-gray in color without any surface treatment. Sometimes, on high-end bicycles or in cars, we find a lot of brightly colored titanium screws. These are all treated with a certain surface, and the surface is so bright and colorful.

 Several methods for surface treatment of titanium screws are as follows:


 Rremove the reaction layer on the surface of titanium screw

1. Sandblasting: sand blasting is used to impact the surface of titanium screws, resulting in fierce sparks. The temperature rise and the surface of titanium screws may cause secondary pollution, affecting the surface quality. The time is 15~30 seconds to remove only the sticky sand, surface sintering layer and part of the oxide layer on the casting surface. The structure of the remaining surface reaction layer should be quickly removed by chemical pickling.


2. Pickling: the method of pickling can quickly and effectively remove the surface reaction layer of titanium screws without causing pollution of other metal elements.


 Grinding and polishing 

1. Titanium screws have high chemical reactivity, low thermal conductivity, high viscosity, low mechanical grinding ratio and easy to react with abrasive tools. Ordinary abrasives are not suitable for the grinding and polishing of titanium screws.


2. Chemical polishing: chemical polishing is through the metal in the chemical medium of redox reaction to achieve the purpose of leveling polishing. Its advantage is that the chemical polishing and the hardness of the metal, polishing area and the structure of the shape is independent of, where the polishing liquid contact parts are polished, do not need special complex equipment, simple operation, more suitable for complex structure precision titanium screw polishing. However, chemical polishing is difficult to control in terms of technical parameters, so it is required to have a good polishing effect on titanium screws without affecting the precision of titanium screws.




In order to increase the beauty of titanium screw, make the surface of titanium screw more colorful and beautiful, also in order to prevent the continuous oxidation of titanium screw in natural conditions. Generally, the screw manufacturer adopts surface nitriding treatment, atmospheric oxidation and anodizing surface coloring treatment to make the surface form a yellowish or golden yellow color, which improves the beauty of the titanium screw. The anodizing method utilizes the interference effect of the oxide film of titanium on light, and naturally develops color, and can form a colorful color on the surface of titanium by changing the cell voltage.


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