Delivery of TI-6AL-4V ELI titanium rods for surgical implants

Recently, XOT produced and delivered a batch of ti-6a1-4v ELI titanium rods with diameters of 6mm,8mm,12 mm and titanium blocks of GR1 20x25x30mm for surgical implants.


Xi'an Ocean Trading Co., Ltd.


At present, the important alloys which have been widely used in implant materials are TI-6AL-4V and TI-6AL-4V ELI


The advantages of using titanium and titanium alloy as surgical implant are as follows:


(1) Density (20℃)=4.5g/cm3, light weight. Implant in human body: reduce the load of human body, as a medical device: reduce the operating load of medical staff.


(2) Low elastic modulus, pure titanium is 108500MPa, implanted in human body: it is closer to the natural bone of human body, which is conducive to bone grafting and reduces the stress shielding effect of bone on the implant.


(3) Non-magnetic, not affected by electromagnetic field and thunderstorm weather, conducive to the use of human safety.


(4) Non-toxic, as a non-toxic implant on human side effects.


(5) Corrosion resistance (biological inert metal material), excellent corrosion resistance in the immersion environment of human blood, to ensure good compatibility with human blood and cell tissues, as an implant will not produce human pollution, will not occur allergic reactions, this is the basic condition for the application of titanium and titanium alloy.


(6) High strength, good toughness, due to factors such as trauma, tumor, lead to damage of bone and joint, to build a solid bone scaffold, must with the aid of curved plates, screws, artificial bone and joint, etc., these implants will leave the body for a long time, will be affected by the bending and torsion of the human body, extrusion, the action such as muscle contraction force, require implants with high strength and toughness.


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