Titanium products in Shipbuilding

In the field of naval applications, harsh working environments require excellent materials. Ships and some of their equipment components such as hulls, heat exchangers, pumps, valves, pipelines, etc. are soaked in sea water for long periods of time and are extremely susceptible to seawater corrosion. Titanium can solve problems such as leakage of submarine pipeline caused by corrosion/erosion and ship failure caused by marine organisms. It not only has excellent seawater corrosion resistance, but also can reduce the weight of ships, reduce maintenance costs and prolong service life. From the ferry boats, fishing boats, naval vessels to deep-sea submarines, titanium is used extensively. Its main application areas include plates/frames and shells, tubular heat exchangers, water supply systems, steam condensers, surface condenser piping systems, cooling water systems, oil treatment systems, deck drainage systems, cabin bottoms, navigation systems, railings , ship propulsion systems, pressure vessels for deep-sea submarines, main structures of warships, pressure components of ships, and so on.