The world's first titanium Buddha

On October 30, 2017, the world's first titanium Buddha -- -- -- -- -- - MiTuo lead, after more than a year of preparation,

finally under the tireless efforts of all the good, the handan city in hebei province axis township party LianHua Village

big foshan plastic success. The completion of the Titanic is a pioneering work of buddhist statues, and a milestone in

the field of titanium processing.The worship of the great Buddha is not only a solemn image, but also a kind of faith

and spirit.


Titanium is a chemical element, a silver - white transition metal.Titanium is characterized by light weight, low density and

high strength, which is the highest in the metal, and is resistant to high temperature, low temperature, strong acid and

strong alkali.Titanium and titanium alloy has been widely used in various aspects, including aerospace, military machinery,

industrial program, automobile manufacture, agricultural food, medical YaoXie, sporting goods, jewelry, and mobile phone

and so on.According to the experiment, titanium was placed on the seafloor for 20--50 years without being corroded. More

than 100 passengers are loaded onto a plane made of titanium, which is heavier than other metals.The submarine depth of

the submarine is 80% higher than that of the stainless steel submarine. The titanium is non-magnetic and will not be detected

by the mine. It has a good anti-guardianship effect.In addition, titanium has the characteristics of "pro-life" and has good

compatibility with human body.Titanium are widely distributed in the human body, the normal levels in the body is not more

than 15 mg per 70 kg weight, can stimulate the phagocytes, enhance immunity, the secretion of resistance to corrosion and

non-toxic, is adapt to any sterilization method, is widely used in the manufacture of artificial hip joint, knee joint, shoulder

joint, joint, skull, active heart valve, such as bone clamp medical apparatus and instruments.


The construction of the great Buddha statue of the Buddha, which contains countless ordinary and ordinary people's bitterness

and dedication, and the sense of the heart, every inch of earth, every brick is filled with the blood of the people and sweat. Guo

feng-e of lianhua village in the county, wang shuhua of nanlianhua village, zhang qingyun of the village of tongyin xionghua, did

not care about the family burden and the poverty, and did everything they could to make the best of it.Liu hongying is not in love

with the superior life. He is willing to work as an ordinary volunteer in guanyin hall.Wang taiping, a construction worker, gave the

vast majority of wages to the guanyin hall, which was almost the same as the left hand and the right hand.Chef wang jinli is responsible

for the food of dozens or even hundreds of people every day.Ordinary people, ordinary things, countless words, not to say, titanium

Buddha inspires all people to the Buddha's mind, titanium Buddha gathered all the people's solemn sacred wishes.

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