Different feelings of titanium bicycle

The structure of our common bicycle is made of iron, aluminum, carbon fiber and titanium, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Titanium's density is only 43% of that of iron, its strength is higher than that of iron, it has abnormal fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance, and the plasticity of titanium is also good. Of these metals, bicycle fans have been extremely enthusiastic about titanium bicycle.


One of the most common features of the titanium bicycle application is the application to various types of competitions. When an experienced racer tried to ride a titanium bicycle, he was so shocked that he could hardly express his feelings in words. The charm of the titanium bike comes from its touch, tension and elasticity. A pedal-designed bicycle is usually uncomfortable to ride. The titanium bike is designed to be anti-high and can reduce the impact of the road more than other metals.

The density of titanium is lower than that of iron. Titanium bikes provide the rider with three decisive factors: light, hard, and riding, and one woman describes it as "God's ride".


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