Application of titanium alloy in artificial joints, spine orthopedics and other medical fields

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 The market demand for biomedical materials has huge potential. As the first choice for biomedical metal materials, the demand for titanium rods and titanium plates will also greatly increase. Therefore, it is imperative for medical titanium rod manufacturers to increase the research and development of medical titanium alloy materials.


 As an important branch of material science, biomedical titanium material is a new carrier material with high technical content and high economic value for diagnosis, treatment or replacement of human tissues and organs or enhancement of their functions. It is a new field in material science and technology. Biomedical titanium rods have made greater contributions to the exploration of the mysteries of human life and the protection of human health and longevity.


 Implant product suppliers are attaches great importance to the research and development of titanium alloy, launched a series of new medical titanium alloy material, including bionic bioactive titanium alloy material, surface treatment in the medical titanium alloy material has also done a lot of design and development of proprietary, giving medical titanium alloy material better biological activity to meet the body's physiological needs, so as to achieve the purpose of make the patients recover at an early date.


 For example, zygomatic plastic surgery, mainly including two concepts: one is simple cheekbone chisel, to reduce the outline of the zygomatic; The other is a three-dimensional osteotomy, which reduces the cheekbone by shortening and moving the bone. Zygomatic chisel is generally suitable for patients with protrusion of anterolateral face. It usually USES an intraoral incision to separate and expose zygomatic bone under periosteum. Special instruments are used to chisel and thin the zygomatic part designed to be removed before surgery, so as to reduce the external contour of the face and improve the face shape. Use titanium nail, titanium plate is fixed is to zygomatic won't cause slippery, cause facial contour to lose shape, and still can better achieve zygomatic model result! The best thing about this type of surgery is that it leaves no scars, it's seamless and it leaves no trace. The difficulty of three dimensional osteotomy of zygomatic bone is greatly increased, and it is suitable for patients with zygomatic arch protrusion. Besides oral incision, often in the hidden part as auxiliary incision in the hairline, or monoculture scalp coronal incision, subperiosteal separation after the cheekbones, according to the computer three-dimensional modeling design needs to be cut the size of a specific bone block, using special materials such as titanium nail would separate bone block to reconnect and shape, so that it can maximize the change the facial contour and facial type, even make patients to achieve the effect of "reborn".


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