Classification and Application of Titanium Tubes for Commercial Use

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Classification and Application of Titanium Tubes for Commercial Use


Titanium pipes are classified into production methods: welded pipes and seamless pipes.

Welded pipe: Because of the influence of the mold, there is a requirement for the minimum order quantity, the delivery time is fast, generally 3-4 weeks can be, need to prepare the mold in advance, suitable for large projects.

Seamless pipe: Suitable for small orders. The production is more flexible and the delivery time is longer. It usually takes 6-8 weeks to produce. Many engineering designs, pressure vessels, chemical equipment tend to use seamless tubes

Titanium tubes are divided into pure titanium and titanium alloys according to the proportion of titanium and whether or not alloys are added,

Anyhow, CP titanium tubes are most commonly used.

 In the real business, the grade we worked

CP: Gr1, Gr2,  Gr3,

Alloys: Gr5, Gr7, GR9, GR12

  Specification: ASTM B337, ASTM B338, ASTM B861, ASTM B862




Heat exchanger & condenser tubes in Power plant projects

60-70% of total tube quantity for this usage, Gr1/Gr2 (t40) titanium tube, ASTM B338

Most popular size  : length3000-6000

OD25.4 (1 inch)*0.7

OD38.1(1.5 inch)*1.2

OD50.8(2 inch)*0.9*

OD63.5(2.5 inch)*1.0

OD76.2(3 inch)*0.5


Different countries and regions have different sizes

Such as South Africa ESKOM    OD 23.1mm*0.7/0.5 *9980

Turkish Power Station project    OD 25×0.5/0.7×11146, OD 28*0.5/0.7*12700

Indonesia Power Station Project  OD 19×0.7mm×6000

Vietnam Power Station Project   OD 32×0.5×11045, OD 25*0.5/0.7*9530, OD 24 *0.5/0.7*13000



2) Engineering pipe for desalination project Gr1/Gr2 /Gr3 ASTMB338

In 2009-2017, there are many such projects in the Middle East and South Korea. Since Chinese tube manufacturer quality and price advantage,

many foreign titanium giants obtained large-scale projects , they subcontracted the projects to Chinese supplier for production.

OD 25.4*0.5/0.4*6070-9720

OD 19*0.5/0.8*L

OD 22×0.5×6004

OD 16×0.5×8004

OD 20×0.5×3256


3) Chemical anti corrosion pipes

In a complex working environment, chemical equipment needs good corrosion resistant pipe to make accessories

According to the corrosion resistance effect, the rankings are Gr7, Gr12, Gr2/Gr1. However, the Gr7 is relatively expensive, most factory will not have inventory, the MNQ is 300KG, but many customers often need only several pcs and it is difficult to find.

Therefore, Gr12 titanium tube is highly recommended to meet the high corrosion resistance requirements, the price is moderate, with inventory. In addition, the relative pipe fittings and fasteners are  easy to find. This size of pipe is flexible


4) Bicycle and wheelchair frame tube GR9 ASTMB338

General use of aviation quality titanium tube

High strength, good load-bearing, light weight. Bicycle frames and wheelchairs are the first choice, and demand in Germany, Australia, France, the United Kingdom, and the Philippines is rising every year.

normal size

1.75’’ x 0.035" x 3 feet

1.375’’x 0.035" x 5 feet

 0.875’’*0.035’’ x 3 feet

0.625" x 0.035 x 3 feet








5) Motorcycle and automobile exhaust pipes/silencers Gr2, Gr9 ASTMB338

HONDA first used titanium exhaust pipes on motorcycles, followed by other companies and manufacturers.

According to customer's position, and function,  Gr2 or Gr9 titanium tube

Overall, there are many GR9 titanium tubes for racing cars and off-road vehicles. Commonly used sizes are OD38.1-88.9*1.2*length1000~2000.



6) Computer hard disk accessories tube

The first is that Sony of Japan invented the use of titanium materials to replace stainless steel hard disk accessories, and then South Korea’s Samsung Corporation continued to subdivide its technology and products to continue supplying the world’s largest computer hard disk manufacturers.


The accuracy of this product is very high, and the production process and equipment have very high requirements. Normal  GR1/GR2 tube size




7) Tubes for swimming pool equipment

GR2 ASTMB337 or 861, generally larger size, say OD 4inch SCH10-20


8)  Pipes for Marine Industry Gr9/Gr5

Marine submersible power system, submarine camera equipment will be used. This type of pipe requires high tensile strength. Many pipes are processed from the aerospace-quality AMS4928 titanium rod and are relatively flexible in size.


9) Outdoor sport equipment tubes : Gr1, Gr2, ASTMB337

many titanium kettles, cups, and  Gr9 trekking poles are made of pipes


With the continuous advancement of production technology, there are still more new applications for titanium tubes, which inject more simple and healthy elements into our lives!


XOT will provide all aspects of your titanium tube solution!