Application of titanium bolts in motorcycles

HONDA is the world’s first company to use titanium bolts and nuts on motorcycles. It was subsequently promoted by other Japanese motorcycle manufacturers Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha, and then BMW, DUCATI, and MV agusta in Europe also gradually made titanium. Standard parts are used in their own motorcycle
Titanium brake caliper bolts, axles, sprockets, rotor bolts, engine parts,,chaining bolts, as well as other parts
Generally, bolts will be used in engines, transmissions, brake systems, etc. The location of the application is different, and the screw size, shape and performance requirements are also different.

1) Material requirements
Industrial grade Ti6Al4V (ASTMB348), tensile strength : 828-1000Mpa titanium materials 
Some race cars will require aerospace grade AMS4928 ,tensile at least 1100 MPa.
The hardness requirement is generally HRC30-36.
Other properties of the material meet ASTM/AMS, Japanese for TB340
UT Inspection demanded to avoid internal defects in materials

2) Size
M5, M6, M8, M10 are the most popular size according to the company's motorcycle design philosophy and supporting equipment, the length of the screw will be different. There will be other sizes

3) Shape
Standard shape as bolts specification: DIN6921 / ISO14580/ISO7380/ JIS/ ASME/ANSI Titanium race flanged bolts
Non-standard: Each company issues different drawings according to its unique design concept. Especially the bolt head, even if the same size, the requirements of each motorcycle manufacturer will be very different

4) Usage
The bolts are usually used independently and a small part is equipped with nuts and special gaskets

With the continuous improvement of titanium raw materials and bolt production technology, motorcycles can be provided with different titanium grade, different shapes, and different performance requirements of the product, which will also greatly promote the application of titanium in high-end motorcycles