Titanium Alloy Plates for Marine Engineering 3.66 meters wide and 12.53 meters long

After two years of repeated trials and tests, domestic titanium processing companies successfully prepared an ultra-large titanium alloy plate with a width of 3.66 meters and a length of 12.53 meters.

And has created a domestic "three best".

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1)The largest homogeneous ingot.

Single weight 12.8 tons, 1020mm diameter high homogenous low clearance Gr5 titanium alloy ingots.

                                                                                    Xi'an Ocean Trading Co., Ltd.


2Maximum tonnage slab.


Single weight (9.8t) high quality Gr5 titanium alloy slab, finished slab thickness of 390mm.

                                                                                    Xi'an Ocean Trading Co., Ltd.


3Maximum specification sheet.

The size is 42 * 3660 * 12530mm, which is at the international advanced level.


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