Titanium Motorcycle bolts M5,M6,M8,M10 shipment

Titanium bolts and nuts widely used in motorcycles ,especially titanium Gr5, for its good mechanical property, we will use titanium ASTMB348 round bars to machine the bolts and nuts

As the screws drawings of motorcycle manufacturer, we offer titanium suggestion as our knowledge and experience, this can make the titanium fasteners in Western style with China top quality


Titanium screws and nuts in big quantity in shipment ,especially M5,M6,M8,M10

Most popular titanium bolts size below

N5*8   M5*10  M5*25  M5*30  M5*40   M5*60  

M6*28 M6*10  M6*12   M6*16   M6*18   M6*55

M8*15 M8*20  M8*25   M8*30   M8*35   M8*50

M10*30 M10*40  M10*45   M10*50   M10*55   M10*58

The biggest titanium motorcycle bolts is M10*1.25*140T50  and the smallest titanium screw size is M6*8T30


Titanium bolts and nuts quantity ,M6 bolts and screws 20,000 pcs , M8 bolts and screws  19,600pcs and  M10 bolts and screws  5600pcs,those fasteners will be used in the Engine shield, hand guard, rearview mirror, License frame, Headlights, Exhaust part

Those titanium application will attract more motorcycled factory to apply titanium bolts and nuts in their new production and the design of motorcycle titanium parts

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