Our Titanium Maching Center reopen today

After the active communication with the government's environmental protection department, our Titanium Maching Center reopen today

We are pround to offer our titanium maching products below:


1) Titanium Gr2 and Gr5 bolts and screws (metric and inch)

Now we offer titanium bolts and nuts from M1.6-M80 in DIN ,ISO and JIS specification

All the titanium bolts ,screw,studs ,the length within 500mm

We stock below size titanium bolts and screws for quick shipment

With the arrvial of new equipment,we can offer titanium Wing bols and titanium U bolts

Gr2  and Gr5 titanium hex bolts DIN933/931











2) Titanium stud end bolts in Gr2 and Gr5 and Gr12

Titanium stud as DIN938 ,DIN939 ,ANSI/ASMES

half threaded and full threaded or as drawing from customer

Meantime,we offer titanium dowel pins as DIN 7

In order to make the lead time shorter,we stock titanium round bars in ASTMB348 (Gr2 and Gr5 ) Dia2.5 ,Dia6mm,Dia10mm,Dia12mm,Dia20mm,Dia16mm ,Dia30 round bars


Xi'an Ocean Trading Co., Ltd.

3) Titanium nuts

We offer titanium hex nuts, titanium self lock nuts, titanium spherical nuts and titanium nuts with flanges in titanium Gr2 ,titanium Gr5 and titanium Gr12 and Gr7 titanium

We keep  5 tons titanium nuts on stock in DIN934 titanium Gr2 and Gr5,Ti6Al4V

M4 titanum hex nuts

M5 titanium hex nuts

M8 titanium self locking nuts

M10 titanium hexagon nuts

M24 titanium spherical nuts

M36 titanium locking nuts

 Xi'an Ocean Trading Co., Ltd.

4) Titanium Washers

Titanium Gr2 flat washers,titanium Gr2 helical spring washers, and titanium Gr2 and Gr5 large size washers in DIN125 ,DIN127 and DIN9021  titanium washers

We keep big inventory in M5,M6,M8 ,M10,M12 ,M16 titanium flat and spring washers.

 Xi'an Ocean Trading Co., Ltd.

After adjustment, we will serve our customers with top quality and shorter delivery time with big titanium inventory , and provide titanium fasteners for the industrial world.

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