Xian Ocean Trading participated in the bidding of the Hydroelectric Power Station Project in Indonesia and finally won the Project !

 Indonesia is rich in natural resources and has great potential for development, but backward infrastructure conditions severely limit economic development.


In order to solve the dual contradiction between power demand growth and insufficient power supply, and to create conditions for economic development, Indonesian Goverment proposed to develop 35,000 megawatts of power plants in the five years from 2015 to 2019, with an average annual installed capacity of 7,000 megawatts.

The National Electric Power Company (PLN) released a list of projects, including 74 IPP projects and 35 EPL projects with PLN investments, with a total installed capacity of 36,585 MW.

Xian Ocean Trading has entered a fierce competition and won one of the power station projects to provide titanium products and services.


Titanium Seamless tube & Pipe ,Titanium plates & sheet, Titanium Bolts & screws,Titanium are widely used in Power Plant/Power station construction

The Quality of the Titanium Seamless tube & Pipe ,Titanium plates & sheet, Titanium Bolts & screws directly determines whether the finished Heat exchanger or the condenser of Power plant is qualified or not. In order to control the quality, we have the strict Quality Control Plan and this help us got the trust of customer


We control the products by following steps

First ,Titanium Spondge

Only Choose the High Purity of Aerospace Titanium sponge ,


Second, Several time forgings for Billets

Improve the  mechnical property of the finished product ,esperically the tensile strength and yield strength


Third, the suitable heat treatment and Rolling and machining Process


Fourth,Check the quality each step and make the record in detail. 100% Inspection


In order to ensure the quality of the product, we will take a second analysis from the finished product sampling to ensure the performance of the finished Titanium Seamless tube & Pipe ,Titanium plates & sheet, Titanium Bolts & screws, Titanium Flanes


The Strict Control Requirements and quality of the our Titanium products  finally gain the trust and support of the customers.


In the past several months, we provided 3 batches of Titanium Test  samples, 100% passed the user's almost harsh tests, and finally we won Order for this project!


Xian Ocean Trading, always your One- Stop Titanium Solution Provider!