Do you know the advantages of titanium heat exchanger?

Do you know the advantages of titanium heat exchanger? Let's share it with you.
Titanium heat exchanger (consist of Titanium plates& sheets,Titanium tube& pipe,Titanium flanges,Titanium bolts & screws) is a series of metal plate some corrugated shape, from a variety of plate between the new type of high efficient heat exchangers stacked to form a thin rectangular channel, through half of the heat exchange and general tube flow resistance and pump power consumption compared to the same situation, the heat transfer coefficient of heat exchanger is much higher than the heat transfer coefficient of shell type heat exchanger, and had a tendency to replace the shell and tube heat exchanger in the applicable scale. Titanium plate heat exchanger, heat exchanger industrial plate materials are mainly austenitic stainless steel, titanium alloy, nickel alloy. Industrial titanium 276 and ti-0.3 mo-0.8 Ni345 are used for constructing plate heat exchanger between tubular heat exchanger and Gr1 titanium plate and Gr2 titanium sheet. Compared with tubular heat exchanger, they have many advantages and have strong competitive advantages in the market.
Plate heat exchanger has the following unique features in the design:
Titanium heat exchanger
(1) Energy saving: the heat transfer coefficient is 4500 kcal/m2, shell heat exchanger is 3.5 times higher specific heat efficiency.
(2) Compact: plate heat exchanger plate is precisely arranged. Compared with other types of heat exchanger, plate titanium frame is characterized by small floor space and small space. Plate heat exchanger with the same heat transfer area is only 1/5 of shell and tube heat exchanger
(3) Easy to clean and disassemble: clamping the splint of plate heat exchanger makes it easy to remove, opening and cleaning at any time, and the plate is smooth, turbulent and easy to calibrate.
(4) without a row of liquid, the seal groove of plate heat exchanger is provided with discharge channel.
(5)Long service life: the plate heat exchanger is pressed by stainless steel or titanium plate or titanium clad steel plates, which can withstand various corrosive media, the gasket can be replaced, and can be easily disassembled and repaired.
(6) Strong adaptability: the plate heat exchanger plate is a self-supporting component, which can increase or decrease the process as required, and the situation is diversified; Applicable to various process requirements.
Basic structure of titanium plate heat exchanger:
Titanium plate heat exchanger is mainly composed of frame and titanium plate , which is mainly made of a variety of materials, and different production models in different forms are pressed into different shapes (15260, -775.00, -4.83%). The \washer is used to seal the frame, platen, upper and lower guide bar, and clamping bolts through a fixed compression plate to seal the medium around and in the corners of the plate
At present, titanium has been widely used in plate heat exchanger in Power Plant and Oil& Gas Industry. The transfer made of titanium has good corrosion resistance, high heat transfer efficiency, smooth scale layer, small proportion, high strength, small volume of equipment, small quatity and unique, widely used in aerospace research, Marine engineering, petroleum, chemical engineering, metallurgy, electronics, medical care, food spectrometer and other fields.
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