Application of Titanium & Titanium alloys Products in Offshore Oil exploration equipment

Offshore oil exploration equipment mainly includes oil production platforms and ancillary equipment. The auxiliary equipment includes crude oil coolers, oil pipes, pumps, valves, joints and fixtures. These devices are in contact with media such as sulfides, ammonia, and chlorine in seawater and crude oil. Due to the excellent corrosion resistance of titanium in these media, Europe and the United States used titanium-based offshore oil platform pillars in their oil fields in the early 1970s, while tubular heat exchangers were fabricated from titanium (Titanium sheets& Plates, Titanium Tubes& Pipes, Titanium Bolts & Screws. Plate heat exchanger. The titanium tubular heat exchanger uses seawater as a cooling medium to cool the high temperature steam/oil mixture withdrawn from the well. The titanium plate heat exchanger also uses seawater as a cooling medium to cool the fresh water cooled in the carbon steel heat exchanger. The UK uses approximately 100 titanium heat exchangers on the drilling platform of the North Sea oil field.


The petroleum titanium drill pipe&tube has a long service life and is only half the weight of stainless steel, but the use flexibility is twice that of stainless steel and the service life is 10 times that of steel. These excellent properties make titanium an excellent material for drilling difficult, near-round, deep-depth wells. Combined drilling tools with titanium drilling tubes can greatly reduce drilling time and reduce overall drilling costs. In the United States, The titanium drill pipe produced and supplied by Grant Prideco and RTI Energy Systems is also equipped with steel tool joints supplied by Grant Prideco Anti-Fatigue. The joint is light in weight, flexible in use, and can make the titanium drill pipe strong and strong.


The Marine Titanium pipeline system is an indispensable part of seabed oil exploitation. Because titanium has high corrosion resistance to seawater and its service life is 10 times that of steel system, the cost of titanium pipe system is more cost-effective than Cu-Ni system. of. American Active Metals and Precision Tube Technology co-organized a titanium tube technology company to produce a large diameter titanium alloy tube. The alloy used in this pipe is Ti-3Al-2.5V alloy with a diameter of 650mm, a wall thickness of 22-25mm, a length of 350m, and a pipe weighing 80-90t. It is planned for subsea oil exploitation.


According to reports, in the North Sea oilfield development project in the United States, the amount of Titanium tubes& pipes, Titanium plates& sheets, Titanium bolts & screws used in the ship's floating body and subsea fixtures has increased. The demand for Titanium for 24 on-board pontoon devices and 64 submarine fixtures is 50-100t for safety protection devices, 50-100t for connecting devices, 400-1000t for general lifting equipment, and 1400-4200t for drill pipes. Corrosion of structural parts caused by biological pollution on offshore oil exploration platforms is quite serious. A US company used long casings made of titanium pipes on the mining platform to protect the parts on the platform.




It has been proved that Ti-6Al-4V (Gr.5_TC4) alloy is the best material for drilling pipe. As drilling application, yield strength and fatigue strength are the most important. Therefore, two special low gap elements of Gr.5 alloy are suitable. For the more critical dynamic lifting device. When the use temperature exceeds 75 to 80 ° C, in order to prevent crevice corrosion or stress corrosion, a strontium-containing Gr29 alloy is used. The most commonly used components include waterfront drilling hoists, drill pipes, tapered stress joints (TSJ) and titanium/steel hybrid hoists.


   Small titanium components such as titanium pumps, valves, fittings, Titanium Bolts & Nuts, clamps and parts have been widely used on oil production platforms. Titanium alloys are also widely used on the outer casing of offshore oil exploration logging instruments. Such as the outer shell of the deep sea camera, and the frame and internal load-bearing device of the deep sea probe car.

With the development of Titanium technology, more and more Titanium & Titanium alloys Products will be used in offshore Oil exploration and Marine Industry