Tantalum & Ta alloys Application

Tantalum and Tantalum alloys are widely used in the following fields due to their high density, high melting point, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, good machining, weld ability and low plastic conversion temperature.


1. Tantalum can process Solid electrolytic capacitors with large capacity, small volume and stable performance can be used for radar, missile, supersonic aircraft and electronic computers.


2. Manufacture of petrochemical heat exchanger, heater, concentrator and reactor tank, tower, pipe and valve, etc, which will use Tantalum Bars & Rods, Tantalum tubes, Tantalum  alloy sheet/plate/foil/strip



3. Make electronic transmitter tube and high-power tube parts and materials with Tantalum machined parts



4. Tantalum has the stability and healing properties with human tissue, which can be used as surgical repair materials and artificial bones, as well as as traditional plates, screws and stitching needles.


5.  Tantalum &Tantalum alloy for supersonic aircraft combustion chamber and the heat resistance of high strength material, such as tungsten Tantalum alloy nozzle of missile under 1650 still has the strength of the 8 kg/was.


6. Tantalum &Tantalum alloy  Boats,Machined parts, Crucible,carbide can be used alone or together with other tungsten carbide for forging dies, cutting tools, jet engine turbine blades, valves and rocket nozzle coating, etc. Tantalum carbide is similar in hardness to diamond.