Introduction to welding technology of titanium tube/pipe

(1) During welding shall be within the scope of the qualified process parameters selection string cable welding energy, interpass temperature shall not be higher than 200 ℃, to prevent the high temperature long grain growth.

(2) The titanium seamless tube/pipe welding operations shall be under the argon gas protection: the torch nozzle to protect the molten pool, welding torch to pull cover to protect the exterior surface of near and hot weld seam area,tube/pipe filled argon protecting the inner surface of weld and close seam area, specific measures: larger diameter pipe welding, tube the staff wear a gas mask, carrying a shield to protect on welding molten pool back; When the pipe or fixed mouth with a smaller diameter is welded, soluble paper seal is adopted at the surface of the pipe from 150mm to 300mm away from the groove (a larger value can be obtained according to the operability), and then a mass of soluble paper is inserted to prevent damage of the sealing soluble paper with excessive air pressure in the pipe, and then argon is filled to drain the air in the pipe. Argon must be fully prefilled before welding, and argon should be filled after welding to fully cool the high temperature area and prevent surface oxidation.

(3) The filling wire shall always remain under the protection of argon during welding. The welding wire should not be exposed to the atmosphere immediately after arc blowout. If the welding wire is contaminated or oxidized, the contaminated part should be removed.

(4) Do not start or test the arc on the surface of welding parts; The quality of arc initiation and arcing should be ensured during welding. The arc pit should be filled when closing the arc.

(5) Except for special requirements, each welding line shall be finished continuously at one time. If it is forced to be interrupted due to any reason, it must be checked when rewelding, and the welding can be continued after confirming that there is no crack.

(6) If the tungsten inclusion occurs inadvertently during the welding operation, the welding operation shall be stopped, and the tungsten point shall be cleared with a polisher, and the end of the tungsten level shall be polished again, and the welding operation can be resumed only after meeting the requirements, which is the same as starting the welding operation.

(7) If any of the following conditions occur in the welding environment of titanium pipe, the welding shall be stopped if no protective measures are taken:

1) Wind speed ≥2m/s

2) Relative humidity > 90%

3) Raining and snowing

4) The temperature is below 0 °C.

5) The weld rework process is the same as the original welding process. The repair times of the same part shall not be more than twice. If it is necessary to repair twice, repair measures shall be formulated. It shall be carried out with the approval of the welding responsible engineer and shall be indicated in the construction record.

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