The Six things you have to know about Titanium Bolts & Screws

1) All Titanium Bolts& Screws, if not color-treated, all the colors are the same, the metal is silver-white. How to ensure that it is consistent with the order material requirements? We will do a PMI test to determine that the grade and composition of the titanium screw are consistent with the order requirements.

After making a distinction, the surface of the titanium screw will be marked or labeled to distinguish the products of different materials and grades to avoid mixing.


2) Titanium Bolts & Screws are made of Titanium rods & bars. During the processing, the chemical composition and properties of the titanium rods * bars will be changed. Therefore, after making the titanium screws, we will select some  finished Titanium Bolts & nuts. Sampling to test the chemical composition and properties of the final product.


3) The Titanium rods & bars used to make the Titanium Bolts & Screws must be ultrasonically inspected to avoid defects inside the rod & bars. Otherwise, the processed Titanium Bolts & Screws may have excessive or bad teeth. Many Titanium Bolts & Screws are cheap because they are produced with titanium rods with residual scraps, which poses a high safety hazard and can cause damage to equipment.


4) Titanium Bolts & Screws will undergo deformation in a small range within a certain period of heat treatment (after stress relief annealing), so the stocking time and the production of the order are required. And different products will be treated differently depending on the application.


5) The CP Titanium Bolts & Screws are mainly used for their corrosion resistance, and are mainly used in Electroplating Industry, Chemical Industry, Heat exchangers, Condensers and other equipment. Titanium alloy Bolts & Screws are mainly used in racing Automobiles, motorcycles, mountain bikes, and subsea oil pipelines, and High Pressure Vessel accessories.and Marine applicationSpecially treated Titanium alloy  Bolts &Screws have a tensile strength greater than 1100 MPA. These screws are mainly used in aircraft manufacturing, Radar, drones, ShipBuilding and Military equipment.


6) Since the Titanium Bolts & screws need to be mass-produced, the minimum order quantity is 300 pieces per specification, and long-term cooperation of customers can be discounted to 100 pieces. In daily work, we often encounter 3-5 screws for inquiry. If we have stock or just close to the specifications, we can transfer the goods. If not, we only recommend similar specifications. Or we can provide the same size bars rolling, the customer replaces the bolts or the customer takes titanium bars and rods back and processes them. In order to meet the needs of customers, we always keep 20 tons Titanium Bolts & Screws in DIN for quick shipment.


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