Tungsten plate

High purity tungsten plate


Brand: W1, W2

Technical conditions: ASTM B760-86 (medium plate, thin plate and strip of tungsten and tungsten alloys)


1. Select high-quality tungsten powder and process it into a plate with excellent performance, and use special rolling technology to produce a series of tungsten plates and sheet products, which have the advantages of good processing performance and low content of impurities.

2. Purity::W≥99.95%
3. Density:  ≥19.1g/cm3
4. Flatness:≤2%

5. Surface condition: polished and alkali washed

Process: tungsten billet (raw material)- inspection - hot rolling - leveling and annealing - caustic wash - inspection - wenza-vacuum annealing - inspection - leveling - shear vacuum annealing - inspection - packaging


Conditions for use of tungsten plates: a vacuum or an inert gas protects the environment with a maximum temperature of 2600 degrees.



Suitable for processing ion-injected parts

Used for making parts of electric light source and electric vacuum device

Used for making the heat shield and heating body of tungsten boat and high temperature furnace

Used for sputtering target material



Tungsten alloy plate


The composition of tungsten alloy is W-Nil-Fe, W-Ni-Cu or W-Nil-Cu-Fe. Some tungsten alloys also contain Co, Mo, Cr and other metallic elements


The tungsten alloy plate is made of fine tungsten alloy blank and special cold rolling. Tungsten alloy plates can be used for tungsten targets, high temperature resistant materials, tungsten alloy shields, and tungsten slots for electrical, lighting and vacuum related applications.  

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