Requirements for storage of titanium bars and wires in warehouse environment

Titanium bars and wires are widely used in aviation, aerospace, atomic energy and chemical industry because of their small specific gravity, high thermal strength, good thermal stability and corrosion resistance.
The maintenance of titanium bars and titanium wires is affected by many factors. The requirements for warehouse environment in actual storage are as follows:
1.For the site or warehouse where titanium bars are kept, it shall be selected in a clean and tidy place with smooth drainage, away from factories and mines with harmful gas or dust. The ground should be cleared of weeds and debris to maintain the titanium material clean.
2. It shall not be piled together with acid, alkali, salt, sensitive soil and other materials that are corrosive to titanium materials in the warehouse. The titanium material of different breed should be classified and placed in order to avoid confuse and make contact with corrosive objects.
3.Large titanium tubes, titanium bars,  titanium plates, large diameter titanium pipes, titanium forgings, etc. can be stacked in the open air.
4.Small and medium sized titanium rods, titanium forgings, titanium wires, etc., can be stored and placed in a ventilated and satisfactory material shed.
5.Small size titanium material, titanium sheets, titanium strip, small diameter or special type titanium tubes, all kinds of cold rolled and cold drawn titanium material and easy to corrosion metal products, can be stored and put into the warehouse.
6.Warehouse often need to maintain a suitable storage background, pay attention to ventilation in sunny days, pay attention to moisture protection in rainy days.
7.The warehouse shall be selected on the basis of geographical conditions, and the ordinary closed warehouse, which has enclosure on the roof and tight windows and ventilation installation, is commonly considered appropriate.
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