Characteristics of titanium plate heat exchanger

Titanium and titanium alloy is a new kind of corrosion resistant metal materials, made of titanium heat exchanger with a small specific gravity, high strength, low quality and good corrosion resistance, high heat transfer efficiency, the surface is bright and clean without fouling layer etc, in the Aerospace, Marine engineering, Petrochemical industry, Metallurgy, Food industry, Medical equipment, Instrumentation and other fields have been widely used.


Titanium plate heat exchanger has the following characteristics in design:


(1) High efficiency and energy saving: the heat transfer coefficient in 3000 ~ 4500 kcal/m ^ 2 ℃, higher than the thermal efficiency of pipe heat exchanger 3 ~ 5 times.


(2) Compact structure: plate heat exchanger plates are closely arranged. Compared with other heat exchanger types, plate heat exchanger covers less area and occupies less space. The area of plate heat exchanger with the same heat exchange is only 1/5 of that of shell and tube heat exchanger.


(3) Cleaning and disassembling is simple and convenient: the plate heat exchanger clamps the clamping plate and sheet by clamping bolts, so it is convenient to disassemble and assemble, and can be opened for cleaning at any time.


(4) Long service life: the plate heat exchanger is made of titanium alloy plate, which can resist various corrosion impurities.


(5) Strong adaptability: plate heat exchanger plate is an independent component, can be required to increase or decrease at will, in a variety of forms; Can be applied to a variety of different process requirements.


(6) No liquid string: the sealing groove of the plate heat exchanger is set with a drainage channel. All kinds of media will not be colluded. Even if there is a leakage, the medium will be discharged outwards.


Titanium plate heat exchanger is an efficient and compact heat exchanger. First used as a continuous cryogenic sterilizer, it was later used in the food industry. Titanium and its alloy performance is superior, favored by many industries, made a lot of different products are used in many places. At present, titanium plate heat exchanger has been widely used in Petroleum, Chemical industry, Metallurgy, Machinery, Energy and other industrial fields.


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