Gr1 Gr2 Titanium Exhaust Pipe

Exhaust Sizes Available - Straight exhaust tube
44.45mm od x 1.2mm wall
50.8mm od x 1.2mm wall
57.15mm od x 1.2mm wall
63.5mm od x 1.2mm wall
76.2mm od x 1.2mm wall
88.9mm od x 1.2mm wall
101.6mm od x 1.2mm wall
Other sizes available on request - subject to min order.


​Titanium – Grade 1
Commercially Pure Titanium Grade 1 is the softest titanium and has the highest ductility. It has good cold forming characteristics and provides excellent corrosion resistance. It also has excellent welding properties and high impact toughness.
Titanium exhaust systems.

Titanium – Grade 2 (available on request - subject to mill min order)
Commercially Pure Titanium Grade 2 has moderate strength and excellent cold forming properties. It provides excellent welding properties and has excellent resistance to oxidation and corrosion.
Titanium exhaust systems.




We can supply Titanium Tube and Pipe for many applications including (but not limited to) the following

Welded Titanium Grade 1 or 2 tube and mandrel bends for an exhaust system in your performance street or racing car.

Seamless Titanium Grade 2 Tube for Heat Exchangers.

Welded or Seamless Pipe for HPAL plants in Titanium Grade 2 or Titanium Grade 12

Welded or Seamless pipe for other fabricated pipe spools

Tube for bicycles, golf clubs and other sporting items, condensers, instrumentation.

Forgings, Fittings and Flanges are also available in most grades of Titanium.



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