Application of NbTi superconducting material plates &sheets in magnetic shielding Equipment

In chemical and scientific research projects, magnetic shielding equipment will be made from different sizes of plates.

The choice of materials varies according to the size of the shielding magnetic field and the working environment.

Generally, the magnetic field is less than 1 Tesla. It is recommended to Niobium material Plates and sheets. The higher the purity, the better the shielding effect.

If the magnetic field is greater than 1 Tesla, or even stronger, generally use Nbti47  plate, thickness between 0.5-1.5 mm

The thickness is moderate to achieve the best shielding effect, not the thicker the better, of course, all of which depends on the specific parameters of the magnetic field, the environment and the effect of the experiment.

According to European customer requirements, XOT (Xian Ocean Trading ) offers High Purity Nb sheet 1*300*300 and NbTi47 alloys sheets in size 1.5*220*700 for customer to make the devices

Received favorable reviews in customer applications and further extended equipment life.




01 Superconducting alloy composed of two elements of bismuth and titanium. The content of Ti in the alloy is generally in the range of 46% to 50% (mass fraction), and it is the most widely used superconducting material.


02 Tesla , the symbol is T, which is the unit  of the international unit system of magnetic flux density or magnetic induction.