Manufacturing process and application of pure titanium plate



Titanium plate size

  T 0.5-1.0mm x W 1000mm x L 2000-4000mm

  T 1.0-5.0mm x W 1000-1500mm x L 2000-3500mm

  T 5.0- 30mm x W 1000-2500mm x L 3000-6000mm

  T 30- 80mm x W 1000mm x L 2000mm



Manufacturing process:


The process of hot forging above the recrystallization temperature of the metal.

The process of hot rolling at temperatures higher than recrystallization.

Cold rolling: rolling process in which the plastic deformation temperature is lower than the recovery temperature.

Annealing: process by which a metal is heated slowly to a certain temperature, held for sufficient time, and then cooled at a suitable rate, usually slowly, and sometimes controllably.

Pickling: to remove thin films such as oxides from the surface of the metal by immersing the product in an aqueous solution such as sulfuric acid. Is electroplating, enamel, rolling and other processes of pre - treatment or intermediate treatment.



Specification: ASTM B265, ASTM F 67


Other requirements: flat surface, bending, stamping.


Features: low density (4.51KG/m3), high melting point (1660℃), strong corrosion resistance, high specific strength, good plasticity.


Application: aerospace, machinery, chemical industry, electrolysis, medical treatment, sports and other industries.


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