Nitinol shape memory alloy sheet

 Nitinol sheet is a unique form of shape memory alloys because its shape allows for additional design opportunities. Unlike wire and tube, the sheet is a two-dimensional structure, which overcomes a set of design obstacles. Furthermore, a flat NiTi sheet enables designers to perform operations that cannot be done on the wire or tube, like stamping, punching and deep drawing.



0.1mm--10mm   x W x L


Titanium Nickle Alloy


ASTM F 2063


~6.45 g/cc


Cold rolled or Picked or Polished


Special properties of nitinol sheet

1. Shape memory
2. Super elastic
3 .Sensitivity to changes in oral temperature
4 .Good corrosion resistance
5 .Toxin immunity
6 .Gentle corrective force
7 .Good shock absorption characteristics
Nitinol sheet is widely used in aviation, aerospace, machinery, electronics, chemical, energy, construction and other projects, civil and medical fields because of its excellent characteristics, such as biocompatibility, ray opaque, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) had no effect, mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, shape memory effect, and superelastic damping.

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