Nitinol Fishing Wire

0.33mm of Nitinol Fishing Wire. Supplied Coiled.

Xi'an Ocean Trading Co., Ltd.

Nitinol (Nickle titanium alloy) fishing wire is a superelastic alloy which can be stretched over ten times the length of ordinary steel leaders without permanent deformation. Any experienced angler knows the frustration of a kinked leader. Sometimes it seems like the steel leader is only good for one catch, after which the wire is out of commission from bends and kinks. No one wants to re-tie or change rigs on a rocking boat when you could be fishing! Now you can cast your bait back in the water and catch another! With our fishing wire your day starts and ends with the same leader. We can provide Af=-10℃ or even lower nitinol (Nickle titanium alloy) wire for low temperature fishing.


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Packing information for our nitinol (Nickle titanium alloy) products

Our nitinol fishing wire are mostly packed in wooden crates, this can protect the nitinol fishing wire during transportation and handling.

We can also program the custom shape when heating nitinol fishing wire, please send us your request to  for any needs on nitinol (Nickle titanium alloy).