Xi'an ocean trading resists epidemic situation, guarantees production and ensures goods supply

 On the first day after work on February 10, the company's titanium material production line has resumed production. The masters came to the neat production workshop early in the morning. After completing the disinfection and protection work, the employees in each position gradually started pickling. , Shaft grinding, degreasing, grinding, straightening, vacuum annealing, etc. more than 20 sets of equipment in 7 production lines, on-site employees can wear masks and orderly work.

 At present, the company's workshop before the resumption of work has used various methods to do epidemiological investigations, safety hazard investigations, and employee knowledge of epidemic prevention and control before resumption. Under the premise of the epidemic prevention and control, the company Fully organize the promotion of resumption of production, and strive to recover the production progress lost during the suspension of production.

 Recently, the company will focus on the production of nickel-titanium and niobium-titanium products in key contracts that are urgently arranged.

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