Nitinol capilary tube for medical devices

XOT produces extraordinary sizes of nitinol capilary Tubes.
Specification:  OD(0.5-5)mm*WT(0.05-0.3)mm*L
Application:mainly in medical device industry
Nitinol capillary tube used in implantable medical devices including Heart valves, peripheral vascular stents, cardio stents, neurovascular stents etc.
Xi'an Ocean Trading Co., Ltd.
Medical devices use requires high quality surface on Nitinol tubing. The technology and tube making processes developed by Vascotube have been perfected over many years of practice. Using our experience, combined with new technologies and custom made machinery, we have been able to develop a drawing process that avoids the need for slurry cleaning, chemical cleaning or mechanical removal operations on the inner surface of the drawn tube. Our process allows us to attain a roughness value of Ra 0,1 µm.
Our Advantages
More than 16 years experience in the processing of nitnol products.
The complete production line makes us control the quality from beginning to finishing.
We have excellent research team that 5 engineers can always supply the exact solution for you.
The testing items we do covering all properties you like.
Customized sizes are available
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