Niobium Cb-752 alloy sheet usd in aerospace parts

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Niobium Cb-752 Alloy (Niobium Tungsten Zirconium) is a highly refractory alloy typically used in aerospace components and other high temperature environments. Cb-752 Niobium is available in standard and custom compositions and forms such as wire, sheet, bars, tubing, and sputtering target.
We can supply Cb752 in a wide variety of forms including sheet, rod, wire, strip, and tube in various thicknesses, diameters, widths and lengths at competitive prices according to customers’ drawing.
Also provide the clients with a variety of custom processing service, including but not limit to custom material sizes and custom components.
Cb-752 Application
Cb-752 Niobium Tungsten alloy has high strength at high temperature and good plasticity at room temperature. It can be made into various materials and parts with general machining technology.
It is mainly used in space shuttle skinning, nuclear reactor engineering, jet engine parts and space power generation system thermal radiation screen and conduit.
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