Nbti(Niobium titanium alloy )

Niobium titanium alloy is an alloy composed of niobium and titanium.
Industrial niobium titanium alloy, the titanium content is generally 20% ~ 60% (quality), the most typical niobium titanium alloy contains 66% titanium [about 50% (quality)].
Niobium titanium alloy is an important superconducting material with superconducting transition temperature of 8 ~ 10K.
Titanium exists in the alloy as a solid solution.
The alloy was sintered with mixed powder and the electrode composed of niobium and titanium sheets was smelted several times in vacuum consumable arc furnace or electron beam.
Application of Niobium - Titanium superconducting alloy
The superconducting material of niobium titanium alloy has been applied in the superconducting high energy accelerator, superconducting nuclear magnetic resonance imaging diagnostic instrument, superconducting magnetic levitation high-speed train and superconducting strong magnetic separator.
It is also applied in controlled nuclear fusion, magnetohydrodynamic power generation, generator, transmission, storage and other energy development.
In addition, it is applied in the fields of strong magnetic propulsion system (ship, ship, high-speed launch device, etc.) and military defense.
In short, plastic niobium titanium superconducting material plays an important role in large superconducting applications. It is the most used superconducting material in the world (> 95%).


Nb-50% Ti-50% Introduction
Nb-50% Ti-50% has good superconductivity and is used in superconducting industry. It is also very strong, so it is also used in aerospace industry.
Nb-50% Ti-50% is an alloy consists of niobium and titanium. Normally the content of titanium is between 20% and 60% for industrial-used niobium titanium alloys. The most typical niobium titanium alloy is approximately titanium 66%.
Niobium titanium alloy is an important alloyed superconductor material. Its superconductive transition temperature is 8K to 10K. If other elements are added into the alloy, superconductivity will be improved.
Niobium titanium alloy is sintered by alloyed powder. We use vacuum electrode arc furnace or electron-beam furnace to melt the alloyed ingots. The niobium titanium alloys can be in various forms sheet, bar, wire, target.
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