Titanium refining technology is seeking new ways to reduce the production cost of titanium

 Titanium qualitative light, strong, and corrosion resistance, is a very useful metal, but because of expensive for a long time, a serious impediment to the development of titanium, titanium metal prices the main reason is that from the traditional method of titanium dioxide in titanium ore, not only time-consuming, but also the harm of environmental pollution problems, a variety of reasons caused the titanium metal prices remained high.
 Recently reported in the issue of Nature, of the university of Cambridge in England materials chemist George Zheng Chen and Derek Fray, developed a new type of chemical plating technology: in titanium conductive device a graphite electrode in the crucible, crucible and titanium dioxide particles into the calcium chloride solution, and then applying a current.. The oxygen and electrons in titanium dioxide are bound to the electrons, and then they are separated from the titanium, and then they form carbon dioxide with the graphite electrode. At the same time, titanium crucible can be produced without impurities of titanium. This new extraction method not only can greatly reduce environmental pollution, and can be continuous production, than in the past, the batch production of refined greater development potential, thus can reduce the cost prices of titanium two to four times. We believe that titanium refining technology will continue to improve and improve in human intelligence, and its excellent performance and corrosion resistance will replace stainless steel in more applications.
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