Titanium Gr1 and Gr2 ,which is better material

Titanium  Gr1 and Gr2 ,which is better material ?


Take the titanium coil sheet as an example, the normal sizes in chemical industry below





The materials are mainly used in  chemical equipment production and  pipelines.

 Many customers often ask GR1 or GR2 , Which is better ?

Before we reply, please check the differences

1)     Chemical Composition

Take titanium sheets as example in ASTMB265

Gr1 and Gr2 are same except the content of Fe and O is different.

          Fe (max)        O (max)

Gr1    0.20              0.18

Gr2    0.30              0.25

Gr1 titanium content is about 99%

Gr2 titanium content is about 98.9%

The content of titanium determines the degree of corrosion resistance (higher, better)

The level of Fe and O determined the size of the pressure (higher,stronger)


2)     Mechanical Property

       Tensile strength      Yield strength     Elongation(4D)

Gr1     240MPa(min)      170-310Mpa         24(min)

Gr2     345MPa (min)    275-450Mpa          20(min)


Tensile and yielding performance is higher, which means the material is harder and more stressful


3) The difference

Since the difference in titanium content, the corrosion resistance of Gr1 is better than that of Gr2.

Gr2 materials have better tensile and yield properties, which means they are harder and more stressed.

Therefore, we recommend Gr2 for chemical equipment or the environment where pressure is required.


4) Need special attention

 Many titanium GR1 plates also meet the performance of GR2, what is going on?

In the production process of titanium plate, because the annealing time is shorter (less than 30 minutes) and the annealing furnace temperature is lower than 670 degrees, the performance of the Gr1 titanium plate will be the same as that of Gr2, but it is not the real performance of the material, but the stress is not The illusion of release.

If this "GR2"  sheets used to produce the chemical equipment or pressure vessel, it will be used for a short  period of time. When the stress is released, the product will bend and deform, and even cause cracking and equipment damage.





In a short, each material has its own characteristics, and it is correct to find the most suitable material according to the application.

It may cause more damage if only choose “cheap”and wrong material