Tungsten-Molybdenum-Niobium-Tantanium mill products and fasteners

Tungsten-Molybdenum-Niobium-Tantanium mill products and fasteners


After three years of careful preparation, our Tungsten-Molybdenum-Niobium-Tantanium metal products and fasteners will officially meet with our customers and friends. At the same time, Tungsten-Molybdenum- Niobium-Tantaniumproducts will be displayed and put on the website and our various promotional platforms.


Niobium and Niobium alloys products


 Niobium tubes

1)Grade:Nb1, Nb2, NbZr1,R04210

2)Standard:ASTM B392/ASTMB394


Niobium  sheet/plate/foil/strip


1) Name: Niobium and Niobium alloy sheet/plate/foil/strip

2) Grade :Nb1,Nb2,R04210-2,R04261-4

3) Standard:ASTM B393-89


Niobium wires

1)Name:Niobium wire

2)Grade:Nb1, Nb2, NbZr1,R04210

3)Standard:ASTM B392-2003


Niobium fasteners and Niobium crucible/boat

1) Niobium bolts and nuts as DIN/ISO ,M3-M36   MNQ:100pcs

2) Niobium crucible :CUTOM made   MNQ:5pcs


Tantanlum and Tantalum alloys products

Tantanlum tubes

1)Name:Tantanlum tube

2)Grade:Ta2.5w, Ta5w,Ta7.5w, Ta10w

3)Standard:ASTM B521-98


Tantanlum  alloy sheet/plate/foil/strip


1) Name:Tantalum and tantalum alloy sheet/plate/foil/strip


2) Grade:Ta1,Ta2,R05200,R05400,R05255,R05252,Ta7.5W


3) Standard:ASTM B708-92







Tantanlum wires/coils

1)Name:Tantalum wire


3)Standard:ASTM B392-2003


Tantanlum fasteners and  Tantanlum crucible/boat


1)Tantanlum  bolts and nuts as DIN/ISO ,M3-M36   MNQ:100pcs

2)Niobium crucible/boat :CUTOM made   MNQ:5pcs


Molybdenum and Molybdenum alloys products

  Molybdenum sheet/plate/foil

1) Standard:ASTM B386-91

2)Grade: Mo1, MoLa10



Molybdenum and its alloy rods and bars


1 )Grade: Mo1, Mo3G , TZM , molybdenum 360, molybdenum 361

2 )Standard: in line with ASTM B387-90



Molybdenum wire






Molybdenum fasteners and  Molybdenum crucible/boats 

1)Molybdenum bolts and nuts as DIN/ISO ,M3-M36   MNQ:100pcs

2) Molybdenum crucible :CUTOM made   MNQ:5pcs



Tungsten and tungsten alloy products


 Tungsten and tungsten alloy plates/sheets


1) Grade :W1,W2


2)  Standard:ASTMB760 






 Tungsten and tungsten alloy bars/rods



2)Standard:GB4187-84 / ASTMF288





 Tungsten and tungsten alloy wires/coils







Tungsten and tungsten alloy crucible/boats


1)Tungsten bolts and nuts as DIN/ISO ,M3-M36   MNQ:100pcs

2) Tungsten crucible/boats :CUTOM made   MNQ:5pcs



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