Titanium U-tube participated in the bidding of the Qinghai power station project in China and finally won the order!

Titanium U-tube are widely used in pressure vessels, heat exchangers, condensers and reactions.

All the titanium seamless tube according as  ASTMB338

The quality of the titanium seamless tube directly determines whether the finished titanium U tube product is qualified or not. In order to win this project, we did not buy the traditional titanium blank as normal supplier, and then the process of cold rolling, but we control the titanium tube quality from the every begainning.


First, titanium sponge

The use of aviation grade titanium sponge (3 times VAR melting to ensure the chemical composition of the product)


Second, several time forgings

Then through multiple fires forging, improve the mechanical property of the finished product, especially the tensile strength and yield strength.


Third, the suitable heat treatment

Remove stress to achieve full release and this ensure that the bent pipe is not deformed.


In order to ensure bending, we performed 100% UT inspection on the titanium tube, X-RAY inspection, and flattening test.

In order to ensure the quality of the product, we will take a second analysis from the finished product sampling to ensure the performance of the finished titanium U-tube.

The strict control requirements and quality of the titanium tube finally gain the trust and support of the customers.

In August, we provided 5 batches of test titanium U tube samples, 100% passed the user's almost harsh tests, and finally we won Order for this project!


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