The use of titanium spring in the automotive industry

Titanium spring have high elasticity, high strength, high plasticity, and has better fatigue resistance than steel springs. Titanium alloy have higher specific strength and lower elastic modulus, so it is an ideal spring material. Compared with steel spring, titanium spring have the advantages of light weight, small volume and high resonance frequency. Its density and elastic modulus are only half that of steel spring, and its strength is almost the same as steel spring. Due to these characteristics, titanium spring can be designed with smaller diameter and smaller number of turns than steel spring in practical applications.

In terms of spring, high strength is the most important performance requirement for materials, so high-strength beta titanium alloys, such as Ti-3Al-8V-6Cr-4Mo-4Zr and Timetal LCB (Ti-6.8Mo-4.5Fe-1.5Al ) Alloy is the best choice for making springs.

One titanium spring is 3.06 kg lighter than the corresponding steel spring, which can reduce the weight of about 12 kg for the four supporting spring in the car. With titanium spring instead of steel spring can easily solve has long been a great concern for the designers of steel spring is too long, too big diameter problem, moreover, because the titanium alloy has excellent corrosion resistance, the coating can be removed to further reduce weight. Titanium springs are already used in racing car. For example, the Timetal LCB spring has been used in Ford Simon & Simon car for more than two years, reducing its weight by about 36 kg.


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