XOT Expands Capabilities to Aerospace Fasteners

It was with much pride that XOT expands capabilities to aerospace fasteners,our sisiter factory of the titanium alloy, high temperature alloy fastener, structure is the important supporting of aerospace equipment, has been used in large aircraft C919, high resolution Satellite , deep space exploration projects and other major national science and technology strategy.manufactures a wide range of close tolerance, high temperature, and high strength aerospace bolts, studs, pins, nuts, barrel nuts and screws, for the most demanding customers in the industry.


We will be pleased to manufacture standard or customer special fasteners, or to help you design your aerospace bolt, nut, stud, or screw to the most exacting specifications.

Currently we have sufficient stock,


Size from M1.6 to M12.

Head type includes hexagon, hexagon socket, cross recessed countersunk head, cross recessed pan head, etc

Surface: blue anodized and yellow anodized

Standard: DIN933 DIN912 DIN985 DIN965 etc

Tensile strength:800-1100mpa


These high-strength fasteners can also be used in racing cars, motorcycle ,engine components, high-performance automatic parts, sports equipment, etc.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us or send an email to bettyshao@xaoceantrade.com

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