Titanium Nickel Shape Memory Alloy -------- amazing functional material

Titanium nickel Shape memory alloy is a kind of shape memory alloy which can automatically restore its plastic deformation to original shape at a certain temperature. 
It is a very excellent functional material.In addition to its unique shape memory function, the memory alloy also has excellent characteristics such as anti-wear, anti-corrosion, high damping,hyper-elasticity and with High mechanical properties and biological compatibility widely used in the medical fields, Such as orthodontic, plastic surgery, cardiovascular minimally invasive aspects; The thrombus filter is actually a new product of niti shape memory alloy; The straightened filter, after being implanted into a vein, will gradually form a network over time, preventing more than 90 percent of the blood clots from flowing to the heart, lungs and other organs. In addition, the application of niti shape memory alloy in clinical trial also includes surgical suture line, artificial joint, artificial heart and so on. 
We can offer titanium nickel shape memory alloy sheet/plate/foil/strip/wire etc.
Sheet:  thickness is 0.6-3mm, width is 100-250mm, length is 0.6-3mm.
Wire: Min Dia 0.1mm. Straight wire/wire coiling/spool  
we can customized as your requirement. 
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